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Over 4,000 craft beers reviewed, with tens-of-thousands of user ratings. Hundreds of homebrew & craft cocktail recipes. Craft-distilled spirit reviews.

The site is a celebration of the production (the Craft) and serving (the Pour) of craft beer, boutique distilled spirits, and specialty cocktails. Crafted Pours posts reviews and ratings on craft beers, homebrew recipes, distilled spirits, beer bars, distilleries, breweries, and cocktail recipes. Site ratings are shown as the Overall rating at the top right of each listings page. Site visitors can add ratings to the User Rating box, shown just below our rating. Ratings with comments can be added at the bottom of listings – explained in more detail below. launched in the middle of April 2013. Being a new site we are wide open to feedback, and you will most likely see many future changes as we optimize the site for our user base. Please send any  thoughts or comments to:


Using the Site

Rating & Reviewing Beers, Places & Cocktail Recipes

1) Users can rate any listing by clicking the drop down menu on the User Ratings shaded box at the top right of every listing. Click where you see the letter or star rating. On mobile and touch devices you can slide your finger across the five stars shown to set a rating, if the review is star based. For letter based reviews, a drop down menu shows on mobile and tablet touch devices, just tap your letter rating to submit the review.

Ratings are limited to one per IP address for each listing.

2) To add a review with comments, go to the bottom of the listing in the comments section where it says Leave A Response.  You must supply a name and email address to leave a written review or comments. Your first submission has to be approved, after which your future written reviews will post immediately. reserves the right to remove inappropriate or unrelated reviews and comments.

Beer Rating Guidelines

A+  World class beer, and ranks amongst the best beers available out of all styles worldwide.

A     Fantastic beer and at the top of the list for comparable beers in the same style.

A-    Great beer.  Well above average. Would go out of my way to get more.

B+    Very Good beer.  Above average.

B      Base benchmark for a solid craft brewed beer. Along the lines of average.

B-     Detect some shortfalls in the beer.  Most in the same style are better.

C+    Not a very appealing beer.  Several attributes that don’t click.

Anything lower should be considered practically undrinkable.

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Submitting a Beer, Place, or Cocktail Recipe

1) If a favorite beer, place, or cocktail recipe is not on the site, please email us at:

2) We will make our best effort to add the listing and let you know when it is posted so that you can provide your own rating and comments.

3) If you submit your own original cocktail recipe – let us know, and we will credit your name on the review listing as the source of the recipe.


Participating in the Community Features and Forums on

1) You must become a registered member of the site to contribute to the community and forums. reserves the right to remove inappropriate or unrelated comments, groups,or forums from the site.

2) Once registered you can comment, add topics, and create groups on the site.


Playing a Bigger Part on the Site

We are very young and hope to grow rapidly. With so many great markets for craft beer, boutique distilled spirits, and specialty cocktails we would love to hear from those interested in writing and reviewing for the site, on these topics.  If you have a passion for any of these areas, please email us to start a discussion: