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Answers to Beer Geek Quiz 101


1. You just teleported to Cologne, Germany. You should drink the city’s famous beer style, which is? Kolsch

2. Hops add the following to beer: (All of the Above – aroma, flavor, bitterness)

3. You may find Special B Malt used to produce the following beer style? Belgian Dubbel

4. This beer is probably a Saison







5. Rauchbier originates from what city? Bamberg, Germany

6. A Wit is a? Belgian Style Wheat Beer

7. There are approximately 2,000 Craft Breweries/Brewpubs in American today.

8. This beer is a? Saison


saison dupont






9. This beer is probably a? Barleywine


deep ellum barleywine





10. Finish this popular Double IPA beer name “Heady Topper