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Answers to Beer Geek Quiz 201

1. Biere de Garde is? A French Farmhouse Ale

2. A Gose beer is traditionally brewed with? Coriander and Salt

3. You teleported back in time to a German Pub when Berliner Weisse beers were hugely popular. You may see patrons adding this to their Berliner Weisse beer? Woodruff Syrup

4. The hop variety below most likely to be found in a West Coast IPA would be? Simcoe

5. A Californian Common beer has characteristics of a lager

6. Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout is brewed by? Cigar City Brewing

7. Pliny The Elder is what style of beer? Double IPA

8. A German Style Munich Helles is Mild and Malty

9. Belgian Dubbels are typically Malty and Sweet

10. Sourness in beer is typically produced by Bacteria and Yeast during long fermentations