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Answers to IPA Quiz

1. Complete this popular Double IPA beer name: Heady Topper

2. The popular Sculpin IPA is brewed by? Ballast Point

3. Which hop variety is least likely to be found in an IPA? Saaz

4. Which Imperial IPA won back to back Gold Medals at the 2005 and 2006 Great American Beer Festivals? Russian River Pliny the Elder

5. Mosaic hops were bred from which hop variety? Simcoe

6. Surly Abrasive Ale, Double IPA has how many IBUs? 120

7. BrewDog Hardcore IPA is brewed with which mix of hops? Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe

8. The City most associated with the birth of the IPA style is? Burton-on-Trent

9. Which beer is NOT considered an IPA? Founders Rubaeus

10. Which popular IPA hop variety is known for a distinct ‘tangerine-like’ aroma? Amarillo