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Azacca Hops and Craft Beers Brewed With Azacca Hops


Azacca hops are a new hop variety, released in 2013 (previously categorized as experimental hop #483). Azacca is a dual purpose hop, with a high Alpha Acid content (about 15%), which can be used for both bittering and flavor/aroma in craft beers. Azacca hops provide a wide breadth of aromas and flavors, including tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, pear, stone fruit, tropical fruit, light pine, and light spice. Azacca hops, when used for bittering, provide a very smooth bitterness to beers.

Azacca hops have not been widely used yet, but are available to both craft breweries and home-brewers. We expect adoption of Azacca hops to increase significantly in 2014.

Craft beers brewed with Azacca hops include:

Victory Brewing Hop Ranch (9%)

Imperial IPA brewed with a combo of Azacca and Mosaic hops. Big notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, and citrus. Winter seasonal release. | Downington, PA 


Victory Brewing D’town Drafts Belgian IPA (7.0%)

Belgian -Style IPA brewed with a combination of Azacca, Simcoe, and Citra hops. Occasional draft only release. | Downington, PA


Drake’s Drakkeller (8%)

Double IPA which uses Azacca hops for flavoring and aroma. Dry hopped with Azacca hops. | San Leandro, CA 


Alpine Beer Company Pub Cat (5%)

Dry-Hopped Extra Pale Ale brewed with three varieties of new hops; Azacca, Polaris, and Experimental 05256. Limited release. | Alpine, CA 


Cigar City Azacca (6.5%)

Single-Hop IPA brewed with 100% Azacca hops. Notes of pineapple, pear, tangerine citrus, and tropical fruit. March 2014 draft-only release. | Tampa, FL


Ninkasi Single-Hop Series Azacca (5.3%, 38 IBUs)

American Pale Ale brewed with 100% Azacca hops. Released in December 2013. | Eugene, OR


Renegade Brewing Company Azacca Red IPA (6.8%, 54 IBUs)

Single-Hopped IPA brewed with 100% Azacca hops. Available on draft. | Denver, CO 


Blackfoot River Brewing Azacca IPA (6.9%, 55 IBUs)

Single-Malt and Single-Hopped IPA brewed with 100% Azacca hops. | Helena, MT 


Monkey Paw Lab Monkey (6.5%)

IPA brewed with a combo of Azacca and Sorachi Ace hops. Tropical and citrusy. | San Diego, CA 


Wicked Weed Lupulin Lab IPA: Azacca (7.4%, 40 IBUs)

Single-Hopped IPA brewed with 100% Azacca hops. | Asheville, NC 


Oxbow Grizacca (4.5%)

Session-Style Grisette Saison brewed with Azacca hops. | Newcastle, ME 


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