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Barrel-Age Your Own Whiskey, Craft Beer, and Cocktails With a Home Kit from Woodinville Whiskey

Woodinville Whiskey Aging Kit
Woodinville Whiskey Aging Kit

Woodinville Whiskey Co (Woodinville, WA) offers whiskey drinkers a very cool and unique home system, to micro barrel-age their own whiskey. The home kit includes two bottles of 110 Proof White Dog (un-aged white whiskey) and a 2-liter oak barrel. The small sized barrel accelerates the aging process and produces amber colored whiskey in as little as 3-6 months. There are endless possibilities for making your own unique flavored whiskeys, by adding flavoring components such as fruit, dried chile peppers, spices, and more.

For home-brewers, you get an added bonus with the ability to produce a Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout, Porter, or other style by re-using the barrel once your whiskey is done. You can then repeat the process over an over.

Another option for the small barrel is to create crafted barrel-aged cocktails by aging spirit-based cocktail recipes in the barrel. Woodinville offer several recipes for barrel-aged cocktails, which are ready in 2-3 weeks. The barrel aging rounds out the flavors and adds complexity from the oak.

Kits can be purchased online for about $150 at Binny’s.

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