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Beer Genius Quiz – 101

Which style of beer is most associated with Burton-on-Trent?

The Bruery’s highly sought after Imperial Stout is called?

In beer lingo IRA stand for?

Altbier is best known from originating from which city?

Some mass market American pilsners are brewed with a portion of?

Citra hops are known for?

Vienna Style Lagers are?

Lambics are known for being brewed with?

CDA stand for?

You just teleported to a farmhouse in Belgium, in the summer of 1925. They are most likely serving this beer style with dinner?

Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout is brewed by?

Lager Yeast is

Oatmeal Stouts are typically brewed with

Lambic beer originated from this city area______

Cream Ales_____________

A Roggenbier is_____

You’re on a brewery tour and the guide says “we’re getting read to do the Mash,” this means

Charlie Papazian_________