Beer Personality Quiz For Women

Find Out Which Beer Personality You Have


Start now with Question 1:

(get a list of recommended beer styles to drink at the end, based on your beer personality)


I prefer my coffee______

My favorite type of margarita is

I prefer my iced tea

Black licorice is

I listen to this type of music the most

How much do you enjoy dishes which include jalapeno hot peppers?

Indian curry dishes are

Sugary soda drinks are

My favorite type of bread is

Sour cherries are

My preferred clothing color(s) is?

Dark chocolate is

I eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice

Banana and clove sounds like a

My favorite type of BBQ sauce is

It’s happy hour and you have to choose one of these to drink

Your favorite type of citrus flavor

You just won a free dinner and have four choices. Choose your top preference.

My favorite way to drink tequila is

Which dessert sounds the most appealing


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Quiz Result Stats

Mild Maiden

Earth Angel

Dark Raven

Wild Huntress