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Biere de Garde

Craft Brewed Biere de Garde Beers


biere de garde

Fruity, malty, and earthy are some of the flavors you’ll find in craft brewed Biere de Gardes, a flavorful beer style with origins from French farmhouses. Historically brewed in the winter and spring to drink in the summertime when temperatures were too hot to brew before cooling technologies. Craft brewed versions range from medium to high strength in alcohol levels.

Craft brewers uses a wide variety of ingredients and aging methods to create these complex beers, extending the flavor profile to include smoky, citrusy, woody, and funky notes. Adding spices is common, and malt bills can include rye, wheat, oats, caramel malts, and toasted malts.

Adventurous brewers use barrel-aging with wild yeasts.


Rated A, Fantastic, The Best Biere de Gardes

3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale (8.5%) | France


The Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi (9.5%) | Strong holiday release Biere de Garde | San Marcos, CA

Rated A-, Great

Block 15 Visage de Palme (8.4%, 42 IBUs) | Corvallis, OR


Castelain Grand Cru (7.8%) | Rich and malty. Cold aged for up to 10 weeks. | France 


The Commons Biere de Garde (5.3%) | Portland, OR


Gavroche French Red Ale (8.5%) | France

Jack’s Abby Private Rye (6%, 30 IBUs) | Brewed with rye malt and candi sugar | Framingham, MA

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars (7%) | Barrel-aged with wild yeast | Dexter, Michigan


Lightning Electrostatic Ale (10%) | Brewed with pilsner, wheat, and dark wheat malts | Poway, CA 


The Lost Abbey Avante Garde (7%) | Brewed with honey malt and toasted malt | San Marcos, CA


Upright Brewing Kopstootje (5.8%) | Brewed with ginger, angleica, juniper, and clove | Portland, OR


Valiant Brewing Veranda (8.5%, 33 IBUs) | Orange, CA

Rated B+, Very Good

Adelbert’s Scratchin’ Hippo (6.9%) | Austin, TX


Brasserie Duyck Jenlain Ambree (7.5%) | France


Burnside Enfant Biere de Garde (6.6%, 21 IBUs) | Brewed with cocoa nibs and muscavado sugar | Portland, OR


Cape Ann Fisherman’s Spruce Tip Biere de Garde | Brewed with spruce tips and orange peel | Gloucester, MA


Castelain Blonde Bier de Garde (6.4%) | Earthy and sweet with mild peppery spice. | France 


Rogness Beardy Guard (6.3%, 27 IBUs) | Pflugerville, TX


Southampton Biere de Mars (6.5%) | Fermented at cool temps for clean, crisp flavors | Southamption, NY


Southern Star LeMort Vivant (6.6%, 23 IBUs) | Conroe, TX


St. Amand French Country Ale (5.9%) | Copper colored with flavors of plum and caramel. | France 

Rated B, Good

Lakefront Rendezvous (7.2%, 20 IBUs) | Milwaukee, WI