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Block 15 Brewery – Running the Most Innovative Barrel-Aging Program in Craft Beer

Block 15 Brewery – Running the Most Innovative Barrel-Aging Program in Craft Beer

Downtown Corvallis, Oregon is a quaint area with some interesting shops, and a college town feel from nearby Oregon State. In the center of town, at 300 SW Jefferson, is the Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery. The brewery produces a solid selection of year round bears including an IPA, Golden Ale, Oatmeal Stout, and Red Ale. All nice well-crafted beers. Where Block 15 differentiates itself from most craft brewer is in the depth of their barrel-aging program. Barrel-aging craft beer has grown dramatically in the last decade and many brewer offer one or two special barrel-aged beers each year. Block 15 runs a very extensive and innovative program using several types of barrels, various aging periods, and producing unique styles of beer.

For 2013, Block 15 is schedule to release over 20 barrel-aged beers.

Special releases from earlier this year included:

Louis le Whopper, a Cognac Barrel-Aged Barley Wine aged with blood orange peels and juice. View Ratings

Super Nebula, a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout aged with cocoa nibs. View Ratings

Enchantment, an Oud Bruin Style blended sour brown ale, aged from 6-33 months in bourbon barrels. View Ratings

Scheduled special release barrel-aged beers for the Summer-Fall of 2013 include:

Golden Canary, a blended wild sour golden ale.

Ferme de la Ville, a blend of wild farmhouse ales aged in oak barrels.

Framboise White, a wild sour Wit fermented with golden raspberries in Chardonnay barrels.

Strawberry Fields, a wild sour farmhouse ale aged with local strawberries in Pinot Noir barrels.

The Demons Farm, a wild black farmhouse ale aged in both bourbon and Pinot Noir barrels with local cherries.

Honeybell, a wild farmhouse ale brewed and fermented with honeyball tangelo peel and juice, and aged in Cognac barrels.

Coconut Baltic Porter, aged in Caribbean rum barrels.

Figgy Pudding, an annual release of an English Strong Ale aged in Brandy barrels with figs and spices. View prior ratings

Imagine, a bourbon barrel-aged Belgian Imperial Stout.

Kriek, A Three Summers Cuvee, a blend of Oud Bruin matured in bourbon barrels with local tart cherries. View prior ratings

An amazing list of uniquely crafted barrel-aged beers from Block 15.

Anxiously awaiting the Coconut Baltic Porter aged in Caribbean Rum Barrels.