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Brewing Malt Profile: Belgian Special B Malt

Special B Malt
Special B Malt

Belgian Special B Malt

Special B is characterized as a Dark Caramel/Dark Crystal malt, and can add a dark brown, almost black color to beer, when used at more than 5% of a malt bill. It also helps to increases the body of beers. Special B imparts flavors of raisins, dark plum, dark caramel, and mild nuttiness. The malt has lower bitterness and toasted flavor than chocolate malts, and is a popular choice as a key specialty malt in Belgian Dubbels, Belgian Quadrupels, Belgian Dark Ales, and Belgian Stouts. In lower quantities it can also be found in some Brown Ales, and Scotch Ales. Typical usage is 2- 10% of a total malt bill.


Examples of craft brewed beers using Special B Malt include:

The Lost Abbey Judgement Day Belgian Style Quadrupel (10.5%)


The Lost Abbey Lost and Found Belgian Style Dubbel (7.5%)


Idle Hands Dubbel Dimples (7.5%)


Anderson Valley Brother David’s Double Abbey (9%)


Avery The Beast Belgian Style Grand Cru (16%)


Black Raven Second Sight Strong Scotch Ale (6.9%)


Southern Star Old Potentate British Style Old Ale (7.2%) 


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