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Brewing Malt Profile: Roasted Barley

roasted barley
roasted barley

Roasted Barley

Roasted Barley is unmalted barley which has been roasted at high temperatures, producing a grain that is black in color. It produces dry roasted, burnt, grainy, coffee-like flavors, and is one of the main coloring and malt flavoring components in most Stouts. Roasted barley is also occasionally used in Porters.

The common range when you want to add flavor from roasted barley, is 3-8% of total malts. At the very high end of usage, you may see some Stouts using 10% roasted barley in their malt bill.

Roasted barley is also used in amounts less than 1% for coloring purposes only. American Red Ales, Irish Red Ales, Imperial Red Ales, and India Red Ales commonly use very small amounts to get ruby red coloring. For homebrew purposes, this can be a little as 2-3 ounces for a 5 gallon red ale recipe.

Examples of craft brewed beers using Roasted Barley

Black Raven Morrighan Stout | Irish Style Stout | (4.4% ABV) 


Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout | American Stout | (6% ABV)


Hopworks Survival Stout | Coffee Stout | (5.3% ABV) 


Deschutes Brewery The Abyss | Imperial Stout | (11% ABV)


Terrapin Wake N Bake | Imperial Coffee Oatmeal Stout | (8.6% ABV) 


Jackie O’s Dark Apparition | Russian Imperial Stout | (10% ABV) 


Foothills Brewing Stout | American Stout | (7% ABV) 


Ninkasi Brewing Oatis | Oatmeal Stout | (7.2% ABV) 


Georgetown GTown Porter | Robust Porter | (6.2% ABV)


Hill Farmstead Everett | Robust Porter | (7.5% ABV) 


10 Barrel Brewing Northwest Red | American Red Ale | (6.7% ABV)


Elysian Brewing Valhalla | India Red Ale | (7.5% ABV)

HomeBrew Recipes Using Roasted Barley

Oatmeal Stout Recipe

Imperial Red Ale Recipe