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Cocktail Terminology

General Cocktail Terms

Apertif - alcoholic drink taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal

Bitters - adds depth and complexity to a drink, located primarily on the finish

Muddle – combining and mashing ingredients in a vessel or cocktail shaker

Apertifs, Special Liquors & Liqueurs used to make Hand-Crafted Cocktails

Absinthe – an anise-flavored spirit derived from botanicals including flowers, leaves, and herbs

Aperol – rhubarb and gentian (herb) aperitif

Aquavit – Scandinavian spirit spiced with caraway, star anise, coriander and cardamom

Bénédictine – cognac-based herb & spice aromatic liqueur made by monks

Bourbon – American whiskey made with a mash of corn with rye, barley, or wheat. Aged in charred oak barrels

Cachaca – Brazilian liquor made from distilled sugar can juice

Campari – bitter Italian aperitif; deep red in color with grapefruit notes

Carpano Antica – rich sweet red vermouth

Chartreuse – a mystical liqueur made by Carthusian monk since 1605, with herbs, plants, roots and leaves

Cocchi Americano – Italian white aperitif; lightly aromatic

Curaçao – liqueur from the dried peel of Caribbean citrus

Dubonnet Rouge – bittersweet, wine-based aperitif; soft, drying, herbal

Lillet Blanc – French aperitif white; bright orange & softly drying

Mezcal – agave distillate primarily produced in Oaxaca; smokier & more vegetal than tequila

Pampelmousse – grapefruit liqueur

Pisco – Peruvian brandy-wine; aromatic, dry with a soft fruit finish

Rhum Agricole – rum made on the island of Martinique from fresh-pressed cane juice

Suze – dry, herbal, softly bitter French aperitif

Tepache – Mexican naturally fermented pineapple beverage with clove, star anise, cinnamon, and brown sugar

Special Ingredients

Angostura Bitters – blend of aromatic gentian flowers, herbs, and spices; using the same recipe since 1824

Batavia Arrack – ingredient in many early punches; distilled from palm sugar, with notes of spice, citrus & chocolate

Falernum – traditional Barbados sweetener made from lime, ginger, clove, and almond

Gomme – a syrup using gum arabic for viscosity to enrich the mid-palate of a cocktail

Oleo-Saccharum – traditional base for any punch; lemon peels macerated in sugar to extract the oils, lending an elegant, citrus aroma

Orange Bitters – cocktail flavoring made with peels of Seville oranges, cardamon, caraway seed, coriander, and burnt sugar

Orgeat – cocktail sweetener made with almonds, sugar, and orange water