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Countdown to Celis Brewery Re-Opening in Austin

Celis Austin
Celis Austin

July 26, 2013

We spent the better part of an hour talking with Christine Celis about Belgian beers, and her exciting plans to bring the flavor of Belgium back to Austin.

Christine is working hard to re-launch the original Celis line of beers in Austin, and open the Pierre Celis Brewery in honor of her late father. Plans are to to eventually open a fully operating brewery which will produce the original Celis beers from almost two decades ago. Craft beer fans can look forward to Celis White, Celis Raspberry, Celis Grand Cru, and Celis Pale Ale (formerly know as Celis Pale Bock), going into full production when the brewery opens. In the meantime, there are other exciting events in the works.

Christine is working with a local Austin craft brewer to launch a line of ‘Gypsy’ beers during the interim period before the new brewery opens. A Belgian IPA has been slated to be brewed this summer and launched for sale soon after. Other beers are in the works to follow.

Once the new brewery opens, craft beer fans can look forward to a new line of ‘Flemish Fox’ beers to be produced. Christine will be formulating unique Belgian beer recipes under the Flemish Fox line, including Flanders Style Sour Beers.

Christine’s father, Pierre, came to America as a former brewer at Hoegaarden, where he formulated the popular Wit recipe for them. The recipe for a classic Belgian Wit included flavoring with citrus peel and spices, and was brewed with a portion of un-malted wheat. Pierre opened a brewery in Austin, TX which became hugely successful, and eventually sold a majority stake to Miller in 1995. Miller then went on to sell the operation to a private investor in 2000. In June of 2012, Christine purchased back the rights to the Celis brand, and we can look forward to beers being brewed in Austin again, with the original recipes.

Christine has been spending time importing Belgian beers from small artisan brewers into the U.S., and we had the opportunity to sample some very nice beers from Brouwerij Lupus, Vliegende Paard Brouwers, and Brouwers Verzet.

Check back soon for a follow on Q&A article with Christine to get more details on her brewing plans in Austin.