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Craft Beer Style Focus: Belgian Quadrupel

belgian quadrupel
belgian quadrupel

Quadrupel’s are the strongest beers in the Trappist-Style category, brewed to higher strengths than Dubbels and Tripels. Quads are rich and malty with flavors of fig, plum, and sweet caramel malts. To help with these beers being too thick and chewy, brewers commonly add a portion of candi sugar, which adds to alcohol levels without increasing the body of the beer. Spices, herbs, honeys, and molasses can also be found in Quadrupels, to add interesting flavor notes.


Rochefort 10 (11.3%)

Trappist Quadrupel brewed in Belgium, and the premier version of this style. Smooth and rich, with favors of sweet caramel, dark plum, and fig.


The Lost Abbey Judgement Day (10.5%)

Rich and full-bodied. Brewed with dextrose sugar, raisins, and six different malts. 


Crooked Stave Sentience (11.5%)

Bourbon-Barrel Aged Quadrupel, fermented with wild Brettanomyces yeast. Notes of dark chocolate, oak, dark plum, vanilla, and bourbon. 


Rigor Mortis ABT (10.5%)

Annual winter release from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel in Quebec. Notes of chocolate, spice, toffee, and dark fruit.


Hardywood Bourbon Cru (10.2%, 18 IBUs)

Rich, sweet, malty, and complex. Aged in Virginia bourbon barrels. Notes of dark fruit, vanilla, bourbon, and woody oak. 


Night Shift Quad Reserve (10%)

Quadrupel brewed with brown sugar and Shiraz grape juice. Notes of wine grapes, chocolate, and spice. 


Southampton Abbot 12 (10.5%)

Belgian Style Quad with flavors of sweet rummy caramel, fig, and dark plum. Rich and malty.


Weyerbacher Blasphemy (11.8%)

Strong Quadrupel aged in bourbon barrels. Full-bodied with flavors of dark caramel, bourbon, and dark fruit. 


Quadrupel Recipe