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Craft Beer Style Focus: German Kolsch Beers


Craft Brewed German Style Kolsch Beers

Light-bodied and crisp, Kolsch beers are nice refreshing style to drink in the warm weather months. Kolsch beers are ales which are fermented at cool temperatures, giving them clean lager-like flavors. They are low in hop bitterness with a soft malt mouthfeel. Flavors include bready malt, mild sweet malt, and very mild herbal Noble hop notes.

Many craft brewers offer this style as a seasonal late Spring or Summer release. Some of our favorite craft-brewed German Style Kolsch beers are listed below.

Breakside Brewery Lincoln Kolsch (4.2%)

Light-bodied and crisp with mild sweet malt flavors. Brewed in Portland, OR. 


Pinthouse Pizza Brewpub Kolsch (4.5%)

Clear golden in color with notes of bready malt and earthy hops. Crisp and refreshing. Brewed in Austin, TX. 


Fort Bend Brewing – Texas Backyard Blonde (5.1%, 20 IBUs)

Brewed to style with German malts and German hops. Crisp bready malt and herbal hop flavors. Brewed in Missouri City, TX. 


Captain Lawrence Captain’s Kolsch (5.0%, 25 IBUs)

Light-bodied with a soft malt mouthfeel and mildly sweet flavor. Available year-round. Brewed in Elmsford, NY. 


Burnside Brewing Lime Kolsch (5.4%, 18 IBUs)

Crisp, citrusy, and refreshing. Brewed with lime zest, Kafir lime leaves, and lemongrass. Produced in Portland, OR. 


Peticolas Golden Opportunity (4.6%, 27 IBUs)

Aromas of sweet bready malt and floral hops. Crisp clean flavors. Brewed in Dallas, TX. 


Harpoon Summer Beer (4.8%, 26 IBUs)

Clean and crisp flavors. Light-bodied and brewed with a portion of Wheat Malt. Produced in Boston, MA. 


Alaskan Summer (5.3%, 18 IBUs)

Refreshing summer ale with soft malt and biscuity notes. Brewed in Juneau, Alaska. 


Goose Island Summertime (5.1%, 20 IBUs)

Mild and refreshing. Brewed with Wheat Malt and Saaz hops. Produced in Chicago, IL.