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Craft Beer Style Focus – India Pale Lagers

india pale lager
india pale lager

IPL – India Pale Lager

India Pale Lagers have the hoppy attributes of an IPA but are crisper and cleaner. Fruity aromas from yeast are restrained, but still may exist from hops, particularly dry-hopping. The style is fermented at cooler temperatures than IPAs and uses bottom fermenting lager yeast, vs. top cropping ale yeast. The cooler fermentation, followed by a period of cold aging, results in crisper malt flavors and a cleaner finish to these beers.

Craft Brewed India Pale Lagers:
The Bruery Humulus Lager (7.4%, 70 IBUs)

Crisp flavors with notes of citrus and piney hops. Brewed in Placentia, CA 

Base Camp Brewing In-Tents (6.8%, 55 IBUS)

Clean and hoppy. Aged on toasted oak chips. Brewed in Portland, OR 

Widmer Hopside Down IPL (6.7%, 50 IBUs)

Limited release April-September 2013. Brewed in Portland, OR 

Rogness Boomslang (6.0%, 60 IBUs)

Floral and citrus notes. Clean and crisp. Brewed in Austin, TX 

Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union (6.7%, 65 IBUs)

Clean and crisp with high bitterness. Brewed in Framingham, MA

Jack’s Abby Kiwi Rising (8.5%, 105 IBUs)

Brewed as a Double IPL. Intense hop flavor and bitterness. Limited November release.