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Craft Beer Style Focus: Porter

craft brewed porters
craft brewed porters

Crafted Brewed Robust Porters and Brown Porters

Craft brewed porters can be rich, robust, smooth and chocolaty. Popular dark ales which have less roasty character than stouts. Full-bodied American versions are typically called Robust Porters. English Style Porters, or Brown Porters have a lighter body, less hop flavor, and lower bitterness. The lighter style Brown Porters have gained some traction as craft brew fans have embraced them as smooth session-style dark ales. Porters, excluding Imperial versions, generally range from 5%-8% ABV.

Craft brewers produce a wide range of porters. Some of our favorite examples are below.

Founders Porter (6.5%, 45 IBUs)

Dark chocolate and dark caramel flavors. Balanced profile with medium hop bitterness. Brewed in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Cigar City Jose Marti American Porter (8.0%, 65 IBUs)

A big Robust Porter, almost an Imperial Porter. Flavors of espresso, dark chocolate, and herbal hops. Moderately high hop bitterness in the finish. Brewed in Tampa, FL. 

(512) Brewing Pecan Porter (6.5%)

A Robust Porter brewed with locally grown pecans. Full-bodied with chocolaty and nutty flavors. Brewed in Austin, TX. 

Hill Farmstead Everett (7.5%)

Full-bodied Robust Porter with flavors of coffee and dark chocolate. Brewed in Greensboro, VT. 

Wedge Brewing Community Porter (6.9%)

Rich, dark, and full-bodied, with flavors of cocoa, coffee, and dark caramel. Brewed in Asheville, NC. 

DC Brau Oaked Penn Quarter Porter (5.5%)

Medium-bodied Robust Porter aged in rye whiskey barrels for six months. Complex flavors. Brewed in Washington DC. 

Old Market Pub & Brewery Pacific Porter (6.8%, 41 IBUs)

Robust Porter with flavors of roasted coffee and earthy hops. Brewed in Portland, OR. 

Black Raven Tamerlane Brown Porter (5.8%, 35 IBUs)

An English Style Brown Porter with a smooth chocolaty malt profile and moderate bitterness. Brewed in Redmond, WA. 

Upland Brewing Bad Elmer’s Porter (5.0%, 20 IBUs)

London Style Brown Porter with a medium-light body and flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Low hop bitterness. Brewed in Bloomington, IN. 

Block 15 Reporter (5.3%, 20 IBUs)

London Style Brown Porter. Smooth flavors of dark caramel and chocolate. Brewed in Corvallis, OR. 

Odell Cutthroat Porter (5.1%)

English Style Brown Porter. Smooth dark malt and coffee flavors. Brewed in Fort Collins, CO. 


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