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Craft Beer Style Profile: Biere de Garde

biere de garde
biere de garde
Craft Brewed Biere de Garde

Biere de Garde is a French Farmhouse Ale style with of beer, with a malty body and complex flavors. Earthiness and tartness are common traits in this farmhouse ale. Biere de Garde’s can range from medium to high strength, with fruity, spicy, malty, earthy, and mild sour flavors.

American craft brewers have taken more interest in the style recently and there are several nice Biere de Garde’s available across the country. Some of our favorites are highlighted below.

Adelbert’s Brewery Scratchin’ Hippo (6.9%)

Pours an attractive reddish-brown color. Aromas of caramel malt and spice. Sweet and malty upfront followed by a tart finish. Brewed in Austin, Texas.

The Lost Abbey Avant Garde (7.0%)

Pours deep gold with a rocky white head. Sweet caramel and spicy flavors. Crisp and dry finish. Brewed in San Marcos, CA.

Jolly Pumpkin Biere de Mars (7.0%)

Orange-amber in color. Earthy, with tart sour flavors. Barrel-aged with wild yeast. Brewed in Dexter, MI.

Upright Brewing Kopstooje Biere de Garde (5.8%)

Brewed with barley, rye, wheat,angelica, juniper, and clove. Complex and spicy. Brewed in Portland, Oregon.

The Commons Biere de Garde (5.3%)

Spicy and fruity with sweet malt flavors. Moderate in alcohol, but very flavorful. Brewed in Portland, OR.

Jack’s Abbey Private Rye (6.0%, 30 IBUs)

Brewed with Rye Malt and fermented with a lager yeast for clean flavors. Brewed in Framingham, MA.

Southampton Publick House Biere de Garde (6.5%)

Golden-orange with floral hop and spicy yeast aromas. Brewed in Southampton, NY. 


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