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Austin Beerworks Heisenberg Kristalweizen

austin beerworks heisenberg kristalweizen
austin beerworks heisenberg kristalweizen
austin beerworks heisenberg kristalweizen

Summary & Our Overall Rating

Style: Kristalweizen - Filtered German Wheat Beer
Alcohol % (abv): -
Brewery: Austin Beer Works
Location: Austin, Texas
11/ 14

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6 total ratings


Posted June 1, 2013 by

Review Details

Austin Beerworks Heisenberg Kristalweizen

Brewed in the style of a filtered German Wheat Beer or Kristalweizen.

Pours a clear yellow-orange with a frothy white head. Aromas of mild spice and banana. Medium-bodied with a a fruity banana flavor. Very low in hop bitterness. Crisp and clean finish.

Limited seasonal release on draft.

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  1. Avatar of Kyle

    Classic name that Walt would appreciate :)

    Cool style that is hard to find in America. Clean and crisp like a Hefe, without the yeasty heaviness.

    Enjoyed at Craft Pride in Austin.


  2. Avatar of Chris

    Great beer name. Tough style to adapt to. So used to the hazy and yeasty hefeweizen style. Makes this beer feel a bit naked.


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