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Cuvee des Jacobins Belgian Flemish Sour Red Ale Review

jacobins sour red ale
jacobins sour red ale
jacobins sour red ale

Summary & Our Overall Rating

Style: Flemish Sour Ale
Alcohol % (abv): 5.5%
Brewery: Brouwerij Bockor
Location: Bellegem, Belgium
14/ 14

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16 total ratings



One of the best sour red ales available in the U.S.

Posted April 12, 2013 by

Review Details

Cuvee des Jacobins Belgian Flemish Sour Red Ale

Pours a deep ruby red color. Light bodied and very refreshing. Very pleasant, pronounced sourness, with notes of earthy wood, cherries, cocoa, and a hint of vanilla.

Craft brewed by a boutique brewery in the Flanders region of Belgium, using spontaneous fermentation.

Aged for 18 months in oak barrels.

Available in bottles and on draft.

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  1. Avatar of Clam Bake

    Classic Flanders Sour Red. Very sour and oaky. Any fan of sour beers should try this Belgian.


  2. Avatar of korval

    Hands down the best Flanders sour red ale you can get in America. Very sour and very refined. Notes of oak and dark cherry. Never disappoints.


  3. Avatar of monk99

    Excellent beer. Very sour. Smooth dark fruit and woody flavors.


  4. Avatar of Kate the Great

    Love it. Fantastic woody notes, and probably the best sour beer you can get in the states.

    Very tart sourness. If you like sour beers, you have to get your hands on this.

    I’ve had it on tap, and ponied up $20 for a 4-lack at the local beer store. A great way to treat yourself or celebrate an occasion.


  5. Avatar of Kris

    One of my all time favorites!


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