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Dogfish Head World Wide Stout Review


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Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol % (abv): 15-20%, 70 IBUs
Brewery: Dogfish Head
Location: Milton, Delaware
13/ 14

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Dark, rich, roasty & complex.

Posted April 30, 2013 by

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Dogfish Head World Wide Stout Review

Pours a dark black color.  Aromas of roasted malt, espresso, and dark chocolate.  Full-bodied and rich, with a thick malty mouthfeel.  Very roasty flavors hide most of the hop profile.  The combined bitterness from the dark malts and hops helps to balance the massive amounts of malt used to brew the beer.

Limited availability in bottles.

A great beer to set aside and let age for several years.

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  1. Avatar of FiremanBob

    Like a fine port- with roasted malts instead of grapes.

    Smooths out considerably after two years of cellar aging.


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