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North by Northwest Barton Kriek Review


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Style: Belgian Style Kriek - Sour cherry beer.
Alcohol % (abv): 4.5%, 20 IBUs
Brewery: North by Northwest
Location: Austin, Texas
American: ,
13/ 14

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Great cherry flavors and sourness. 2012 Gold Medal Winner at the World Beer Championships


Very high demand - disappears quickly.

Posted May 6, 2013 by

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North by Northwest Barton Kriek Review

Brewed in the style of a Belgian Fruit Lambic sour cherry flavored beer.

Pours a light red color.  Aromas of tart cherries and oak.  Light in body with a smooth sourness, and continued flavors of sour cherries and oak.  Crisp and tart in the finish.  Very refreshing.

Aged in oak red wine barrels for 12-18 months, and fermented with lactobacillus to add tart and sour flavors.  Flavored with organic Montmorency (a sour cherry variety) juice.

Fantastic fruit lambic-style beer.

Limited availability on draft.

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    Delicious. Like drinking a tart cherry pie. Smooth and sour. Flavors of sour cherries and mild earthy oak wood. Crisp and refreshing.


  2. Avatar of FiremanBob

    The only game in town for a fresh Kriek Lambic, and NXNW nails it.

    Fantastic beer!


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