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Real Ale SWORD Iron Swan Ale

real ale sword ale
real ale sword ale
real ale sword ale

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Style: English Style Ale
Alcohol % (abv): 5.5%, 56 IBUs
Brewery: Real Ale Brewing
Location: Blanco, TX
11/ 14

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Posted July 31, 2013 by

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Real Ale SWORD Iron Swan Ale

Collaboration beer with Austin rock band The Sword.

English Style Ale, pours deep copper with a creamy head. Aromas of caramel malt and earthy hops. Medium-light bodied with fruity flavors and mild notes of toffee. Balanced finish with medium hop bitterness.

Brewed with English hops.

Limited release.

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One User Review

    carl amoss

    Damn right!! Im a huge sword fan, me and my brother have all they’re vinyl and see them live several times a year. And most of the time we listen to records were putting out the san marcos heat with firemans four central Texas style. So naturally when we heard that the sword teamed up with yall to make an ale we rushed to specs. We had to look a bit as you do sometimes at specs but finally found a sixer. Drank it straight from the can so couldnt fully get the color but it tasted a little darker than the pale ales as well as hoppier with a sweet finish. Overall very enjoyable and i think the their beer is almost as good as their music


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