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Fun Stats From Our Beer Geek Tests


We launched a few quizes to test the beer knowledge of site visitors a few days ago. Some of the interesting, funny, and surprising stats are listed below. We won’t tell you whether these were the correct answers or not (You can take the tests by following the links at the bottom of this article – at the end of each test, we have a link to see all the correct answers). If your craft beer knowledge is high, you’ll get a kick out of some of these.

After results from several hundred tests taken on the site, these are some of our favorite stats.



What city does Rauchbier originate from?

23% chose Brussels, Belgium out of four choices.


A Wit is a?

35% chose German Style Wheat Beer from four choices


Biere de Garde is?

22% chose “Only served in the Royal Court of England” from four choices


A Californian Common beer?

22% chose “Can only be brewed in California” from four choices


Pliny The Elder is what style of beer?

22% chose English Old Ale from four choices


Cream Ales______

50% chose “Are always brewed with lactose milk sugar” from four choices


Charlie Papazian_________

17% chose “Brewed the first Bohemian Style Pilsner in Pilzn, Czech Republic from four choices


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