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Gluten-Free Craft Brewed Beers to Try

omission gluten free lager
omission gluten free lager

Selection of craft brewed gluten-free beers. Pales Ales, Pale Lagers, a Red Ale, and a Gluten-Free IPA. These beers are brewed with a variety of ingredients, but all use traditional hops for aroma, flavor, and bitterness.


Deschutes Gluten-Free Pale Ale | Crisp and light with a sweet fruity flavor. Brewed with rice and Belgian candi sugar. Hopped with Nugget, Bravo, Crystal, and Galaxy hops. | Bend, OR 


Epic Brewing Glutenator | Golden colored with floral hops aromas and earthy flavors. Brewed with millet, brown rice, sweet potatoes, molasses, and American hops. | Salt Lake City, UT 


Harvester Gluten-Free IPA (5.8%, 60 IBUs) | Pale colored with aromas of pine and citrus. Medium-bodied with a creamy mouthfeel, and moderately high hop bitterness in the finish. Brewed with pale roasted chestnuts, gluten-free oats, and organic tapioca. Hops include Cascade, Willamette, and Meridian. | Portland, OR 


Harvester Brewing Gluten Free Red Ale (5.8%. 37 IBUs) | Medium-bodied smooth, creamy, and flavorful Red Ale. Citrusy and earthy hop flavors with mild roasty notes. Smooth finish with medium hop bitterness. Brewed with dark roasted chestnuts, gluten-free oats, pure cane sugar, sorghum, and Willamette hops. | Portland, OR 


Joseph James Fox Tail (5%, 50 IBUs) | Hoppy Gluten-Free Pale Ale with citrusy flavors and a bitter finish. Brewed with rice and nectars. | Henderson, NV 


Lakefront New Grist Gluten-Free Pilsner (5.1%, 15 IBUs) | Light-bodied with mild earthy hop notes and a light fruity flavor. Brewed with sorghum, rice syrup, and Willamette hops. | Milwaukee, WI 


Omission Lager (4.6%, 20 IBUs) | Light-bodied and crisp with mild grainy and citrus flavors. Brewed with Pale 2-row and light crystal malts using a proprietary process to remove the gluten. Hopped with Citra, Sterling, and Mt. Hood hops. | Portland, OR 


Omission Pale Ale (5.8%, 33 IBUs) | Medium-bodied with aromas of grapefruit and tropical fruit. Mild sweet caramel flavors followed by a finish with moderate hop bitterness. Brewed with Pale 2-row and light crystal malt using a proprietary process to remove the gluten. Hopped with Citra and Cascade hops. | Portland, OR