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Blackberry Berliner Weisse HomeBrew Recipe

Blackberry Berliner Weisse
Blackberry Berliner Weisse
Blackberry Berliner Weisse


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: Berliner Weisse. Flavored with fresh blackberries.
Target ABV: 3.6%
Target IBUs: 12
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4.5/ 5

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All Grain HomeBrew Recipe for a Blackberry Berliner Weisse

Profile: HomeBrew recipe for a Berliner Weisse sour beer flavored with fresh blackberries. Light-bodied and sour, with refreshing berry flavors. Requires 4-5 months of aging to develop a refined sour flavor.



4 lbs Pale 2-row Malt

3 lbs. Red Wheat Malt

8 oz. Acidulated Malt


1 oz. Tettnang 4%a, 30 minutes


12 cups fresh blackberries – pureed and strained to leave seeds behind

12 oz. of rice hulls (to help with sticky wheat mash)

YeastWyeast 3191 PC Berliner Weisse Blend (contains Ale yeast, Brett, and Lacto) or White Labs WLP630 Berliner Weisse Blend (contains German Weizen Ale yeast and Lacto)


Step Mash all grains with rice hulls mixed in:

30 minutes at 127 degrees

60 minutes at 148 degrees

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil with hop regimen above – add blackberry puree at flameout.

Ferment at 65-68 degrees.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 4 months. (Test small sample monthly to see how sourness progresses. Longer aging will increase the sour flavors.)

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  1. Avatar of Tom Cool


    I was wondering how long primairy could take place. Different articles give different number of days…
    Also, my primary vessel is made out of (food approved) plastic, so can I safely clean and reuse it afted the use of wlp630?

    Hope to hear from you, thanks.


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