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BrewDog Libertine Black Ale Clone HomeBrew Recipe

brewdog libertine black ale clone
brewdog libertine black ale clone
brewdog libertine black ale clone


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: Black Ale
Target ABV: 7.2%
Target IBUs: 65
4.5/ 5

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Posted July 18, 2013 by


All Grain HomeBrew Black Ale Recipe

Profile: HomeBrew recipe for a Black Ale, similar to BrewDog Libertine Black Ale. Dark with caramel and toasted malt flavors. Single-hopped with Simcoe hops. Medium-high hop bitterness.



12 lbs Maris Otter

1 lbs Munich Dark

1 lb Munich Light

8 oz CaraMalt

8 oz Crystal 120

8 oz Carafa III


1 oz Simcoe 13%a, 60 minutes

1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, at 30 minutes

1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, at 15 minutes

1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, at 10 minutes

1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, at five minutes

YeastWLP007 Dry English Ale or Wyeast 1098 British Ale


Mash all grains for 1 hour at 152 degrees.

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil with hop regimen above.

Ferment at 63-68 degrees.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 6-7 weeks.

One User Review

  1. Avatar of John K

    Awesome beer!

    Did a partial extract BIAB with slight alterations to grain bill due to availability, but still great. Taste tested side by side at 12 days in the bottle and it’s amazingly close, if not better!

    brewed with:

    - 6.6lbs of Golden Promise, 3.3lbs premium light LME and 1.3lbs of premium light DME instead of the Maris Otter.

    - 2lbs 15-30 EBC Munich Malt instead of 1lb of light and 1lb dark

    - 1oz Warrior at 60mins instead of Simcoe

    - 8oz Carafa II instead of Carafa III

    fermented with 1 pack US-05 yeast for 7 days with 7 days dry hop with 2-3oz Simcoe pellets.

    Came out at 7.5% ABV, perfect colour and flavour. Not quite the same aroma as the original, so maybe more dry hops needed and not quite as “fruity”, probably due to the yeast.

    All in all, this is now my “go to” Black Ale/Black IPA recipe and will be a regular in my brew rotation. I will stick closer to the original recipe next time and see what the difference is.


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