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BrewDog Punk IPA Clone HomeBrew Recipe

BrewDog Punk IPA Clone
BrewDog Punk IPA Clone
BrewDog Punk IPA Clone


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: IPA
Target ABV: 5.6%
Target IBUs: 45
Recipe Type:
4.5/ 5

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Posted July 18, 2013 by


All Grain HomeBrew IPA Recipe

Profile: HomeBrew recipe for an IPA, similar to BrewDog Punk IPA. Bright golden, and medium-bodied with flavors of citrus, grapefruit, and piney hops. Moderate hop bitterness, more in line with an American Pale Ale.



11.5 lbs Maris Otter Extra Pale Malt


1/2 oz. Chinook 13%a, 60 minutes

1 oz. Ahtanum 6%a, 15 minutes

1/2 oz. Nelson Sauvin 12%a, 15 minutes

1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, 10 minutes

1/2 oz. Chinook 13%a, at flameout

1/2 oz. Nelson Sauvin 12%a, at flameout

1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, at flameout

YeastWLP007 Dry English Ale or Wyeast 1098 British Ale


Mash all grains for 1 hour at 152 degrees.

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil with hop regimen above.

Ferment at 63-68 degrees.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 4-5 weeks.

17 User Reviews

  1. Avatar of Dave

    Definitely the best beer I’ve brewed so far!!
    Also dry hopped with 30g Simcoe and 20g of Nelson Sauvin for 4 days at the end of primary.
    Will be brewing this again!!


  2. Avatar of Lee

    I am brand new to brewing and just found this post.

    Can someone tell me or point me in te right direction as to what the above means?
    1/2 oz. Chinook 13%a, 60 minutes
    1 oz. Ahtanum 6%a, 15 minutes
    1/2 oz. Nelson Sauvin 12%a, 15 minutes
    1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, 10 minutes
    1/2 oz. Chinook 13%a, at flameout
    1/2 oz. Nelson Sauvin 12%a, at flameout
    1/2 oz Simcoe 13%a, at flameout

    I’m guessing that I put the correct weight and mash for how long the time states?
    EG Chinook is mashed for 60 minutes, Ahtanum for 15 and nelson sauvin as I switch the heat off?
    What’s chinook 13%? Is thath the name of the hop?


  3. Avatar of Jenkins

    Ok so I have a couple of questions. I want to try this this Sunday having failed miserably earlier this week with another recipe. I want to end with 5 gallons (23L). So how much should I slack the grains in and how much should I swill through it? Finally I’ve got white labs yeast. Can I just whack it in or do I need to make a starter? I don’t have any extract to make a starter so if it’s not important then I’d rather not.

    Hope someone sees this and get to reply before Sunday brew day



  4. Avatar of Christian

    I tried this recipe two months ago, fantastic result!
    excellent aroma, bitterness and aroma well balanced despite much dry hopping as suggested by Ben Zanre.
    Only negative color, too murky, probably malt extra pale I used (in Italy) was not changed enough and would need protein rest.


  5. Avatar of denis

    Hi guys, the Punk IPA recipe is changed, the new targets IBU is 35. They have added cascade and amarillo.


  6. Avatar of Sen Peng

    if I will have to use dry yeast, what is the optimum yeast? I am going to brew with Nottingham next Tuesday.


    • Avatar of Sen Peng

      Nottingham works well for this beer. but my beer is much paler than this one. the finished beer is piney. need to reduce simcoe or chinook?


  7. Avatar of ben zanre


    Myself and a mate used this recipe, we racked to secondary after 8 days and dry hopped in secondary for 10 ( dry hopped with 4 ounces in total – 2 oz of nelson sauvin 1oz chinook and 1 oz simcoe, before bottle conditioning for 4 weeks. Using caster sugar as the primer which we thought gave a good bubble size to the carbonation

    To say we are pleased is an understatement, it came out very close to Punk IPA, would highly advise to give it a shot. Got that slight piney taste without the cat urine and really grapefruity on nose and taste.

    Our stats were 5.4% ABV IBU 55. OG 1049 FG 1008. Factors CO2 2.5



    • Avatar of Sen Peng

      How did your get cat urine smell in your beer?
      I was suffered a lot about this odor since last winter. I used a lot of cascade hop for bittering and aroma, I guess this is the reason.
      what is yours?



    This recipe came out sweet! Just pulled a pint from my homebrew keg, and lovin it.



    Just poured a pint from this recipe and it was fantastic. Did one addition of dry hopping with 1 ounce of Nelson Sauvin. Very tasty!


  10. Avatar of Clam Bake

    Perfect session style IPA to have on tap at home. Recipe was great!



    Thanks for the recipe, I brewed this last Sunday.

    Planning to dry hop it with the following for 7 days:
    50 gram ahtanum, 25 gram nelson og 10 gram chinook.

    1 ounce =28.3495231 grams ;)

    Have a good feeling about this one!



    Hello. One thing is when I tasted punk was medum body beer, but finish really dry ty to the yeast it will be better to mash 155° so you get a medium body beer and with the yeast (007) you will get that dry finish . btw ty for recepie post and cheers.


    Dan J

    Looks good – however I think Brewdog invest in a lot of dry hopping to get to their really punchy pint. By coincidence, I’m brewing this for the first time this weekend so been doing quite a bit of research and had to wait forever to get the Nelson Sauvin hops in! Hope it goes well as Punk is one of my favourite ales at the moment.


    • Avatar of Crafted Pours

      Cool – it’s a great clone beer to brew. Hope the brewing goes well. Dry-hopping this sounds like a good idea. Feel free to post your recipe version in the comments.



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