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Coffee Milk Stout HomeBrew Recipe

Coffee Milk Stout
Coffee Milk Stout
Coffee Milk Stout


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: Coffee Milk Stout
Target ABV: 5.5%
Target IBUs: 28
Recipe Type:
4.5/ 5

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Posted February 10, 2014 by


All Grain Coffee Milk Stout Recipe

Profile: Rich and creamy stout, with flavors similar to a latte, except with alcohol. Smooth flavors of fresh coffee, roasted malts, nutty malts, and dark caramel. Moderate hop bitterness. Brewed with lactose milk sugar, cold-brewed coffee, and a small portion of oats.



8 lbs Maris Otter

8 oz. Roasted Barley

6 oz. Chocolate Malt

4 oz. Flaked Oats

3 oz. Special B Malt

2 oz. Black Patent


1 oz. Columbus 15%a, 60 minutes

YeastWhite Labs WLP001 California Yeast or Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Other: 12 oz. lactose milk sugar, 24 ounces of cold-brewed coffee


Mash all grains for 1 hour at 152 degrees.

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil with hop regimen above. Add lactose sugar and coffee for the final 5 minutes of the boil.

Ferment at 65-67 degrees.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 4-5 weeks. If you have a home nitrogen system, this is a perfect beer to pour through it.

  1. Avatar of Jed Hartings

    Curious about the outcome of anyone who’s tried this recipe. How was it? I was thinking to make it my first all grain batch this weekend. I’d like to do a coffee milk stout, and this is the only recipe I’ve found. Many thanks!


    The Lorax

    Looks very tasty. Going to give the recipe a shot and will report back in a few weeks once the beer is finished.


    • Avatar of Trevor Naughty

      I see the recipe. i just wanted to confirm that its 8 pounds of Marris Otter ( two row english winter barley? eight pounds seems like alot of barely and i just wanted to make sure there was not a typo.?


    • Avatar of Trevor Naughty

      Lorax – have you actualy brewed this recipe? if so how did it turn out? and was 8 pounds the correct amount ?


    • Avatar of Trevor Naughty

      do the hops get added with 60 mins left in the boil(beginning of boil) or 60 mins into the boil (end of the boil)? my roomate and i plan on doing this recipe in the morning. we would love to hear back by around noon because we will begin brewing by 1:00pm. thank you


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