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Lord Vader Imperial Porter



Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: Imperial Porter
Target ABV: 10%
Target IBUs: 49
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5/ 5

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Posted December 15, 2014 by


All Grain Imperial Porter Recipe

Profile: HomeBrew recipe for an Imperial Porter submitted by Mike.


14.2 lb pale 2-row
4 lb munich 10L
1.2 lbs chocolate (malt)
1 lb crystal 90L
1/2 lb carafa III (de-bittered black)
1 lb flaked oats
5 oz light brown sugar


1 oz columbus @ 60 min
1 oz cascade @ 15 min


American or British Yeast (high gravity)
3 vanilla beans w/ 8oz vodka extract for a week, then add 1 cup WHOLE coffee beans of your choice for a few days. pour filtered extract into keg or bottling bucket.
OG: 1.091
FG: 1.018


Mash grains for an hour at 149 f.
Sparge with 170 f water to gather 7 gallons of wort.
I added the 1 oz columbus addition at FWH, but you can add it when you reach a boil.
1 oz cascade @ 15 minutes, with a whirl floc tablet (optional)
Boil down to the last five minutes and add the brown sugar. the amount really depends on how dry you want this beer, with the 1lb of crystal it may be a bit sweet. i think i hit a perfect blend.
Ferment at 66 degrees using a clean, american yeast or british, if you prefer. i used san diego super with a 2L starter made the day before. nottingham (2 packets, at least) would be my alternative choice.
After about one month in primary, rack to keg or secondary to prepare for bottling. aging is subjective, this beer tasted fantastic after 6 weeks but 6 months would be mind-blowing!
The coffee addition and vanilla beans are optional but highly recommended. i used whole guatemalan antigua beans from a local roaster.

  1. Avatar of mike stivers

    oh snap! i must have entered the wrong numbers, prolly mixed up my notes. this porter was closer to 11% abv, iirc.


  2. Avatar of Sputnam

    the pictures of the beers look amazing. I have saved 2 dozen or more recipes already. I currently have 4 in various stages but haven’t tasted any yet. Anyway, what is your brewhouse efficiency? When I plug the recipes in and stay as close to estimated abv, I usually have to drop the effieciency down to low to mid 60′s. Does that sound about right?


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