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Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow Clone HomeBrew Recipe

Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow Clone
Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow Clone
Maine Beer Red Wheelbarrow Clone


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: American Red Ale
Target ABV: 7.0%
Target IBUs: 50
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4.5/ 5

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All Grain American Red Ale Recipe

Profile: HomeBrew recipe for an American Red Ale, similar to Maine Beer Co Red Wheelbarrow. Full flavored red ale with notes of sweet caramel, dark fruit, and citrusy hops. Balanced finish with medium hop bitterness.



11 lbs Pale 2-row

1 lb. Victory Malt

1 lb Munich Malt

14 oz. Crystal 80

8 oz. Abbey Malt

4 oz. Special B

Hops (Pellets)

1/2 oz. Columbus 15%a, 60 minutes

1 oz. Amarillo 8%a, 20 minutes

1 oz. Falconers Flight 11%a, 10 minutes

1 oz Amarillo 8%, 5 minutes

YeastWhite Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast


Mash all grains for 1 hour at 152 degrees.

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil with hop regimen above.

Ferment at 63-68 degrees.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 6 weeks.


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  1. Avatar of Kyle

    This turned out amazing! I would recommend this to everyone. Appreciate the recipe :)


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