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SchraderBrau Recipe

schraderbrau recipe
schraderbrau recipe
schraderbrau recipe


Recipe Type: Malt Extract
Size: 5 gallons
Beer Style: Mystery Ale (but called a Lager)
Target ABV: 2.8%
Target IBUs: 3
.5/ 5

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SchraderBrau Lager Recipe

Profile: Technically an ale but sounds better when referred to as a ‘Lager.’ Hazy pale orange colored with harsh phenolic and wet cardboard aromas. Oxidized and off flavors. Excessively sweet. Possibly infected.



2 16 oz cans liquid malt extract (preferably from a 12-pack case stored in your garage for about 5 years)

2 pounds of household sugar

Hops (Pellets)

1 oz. Crystal hops

Yeast: Any package of dry ale yeast. (plus wild Albuquerque airborne yeast)


Add malt extract and sugar to 2 gallons of water. Boil for 15 minutes.

Throw hops in at the end of the boil.

Fill a 5 gallon plastic bucket with 3 gallons of cold tap water. Pour hot beer into the cold water.

Add dry yeast (don’t worry about checking the temperature).

Open ferment in your garage for one week.

Add a pinch of table sugar to 48 beer bottles. Siphon beer (ok to start siphon with your mouth) into bottles and cap.

Age bottles for 7 days then start drinking. Serve ice cold in a chilled mug.

*store bottles in a remote place as potential for them to explode is high

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    Looks a little light on the sugar.


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