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Sixpoint Hi-Res Clone HomeBrew Recipe

sixpoint hi-res clone recipe
sixpoint hi-res clone recipe
sixpoint hi-res clone recipe


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: Imperial IPA
Target ABV: 11.1%
Target IBUs: 111
4.5/ 5

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Posted February 5, 2014 by


All Grain Imperial IPA HomeBrew Recipe

Profile: HomeBrew recipe for an Imperial IPA, similar to Sixpoint Hi-Res. Pale copper colored with massive aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, mango passionfruit, and citrus. Very high in hop bitterness. Dry-hopped for extra hop aroma. Requires a massive amount of malt to achieve the 11.1% ABV and very high late hop additions to match the intense hop flavor.



20 lbs Pale 2-row Malt

1 lb. Crystal 40

8 oz. Crystal 60

8 oz. CaraPils

Hops (pellets):

2 oz. Citra 11%a, First Wort Hopped

2 oz. Citra 12%a, 30 minutes

1 oz. Motueka 7%a, 30 minutes

2 oz. Galaxy 13%a, 15 minutes

2 oz. Citra 12%a, 10 minutes

YeastWLP001 California Yeast or Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Dry-Hop: 1.5 oz. Galaxy, 1.5 oz. Citra


Mash all grains for 1 hour at 152 degrees.

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil with hop regimen above.

Ferment at 63-68 degrees.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 9 weeks. Dry-hop for the last 10 days.

  1. Avatar of Bryan

    Tapped this one tonight! Modified with 1/2 2-Row and 1/2 Marris Otter. Sweet to the lips, hops come out as it warms, good warmth, and great hop! Close to HI RES (one of my favs) Will be doing this one again!


    I Luv Beer

    Just picked up a 4-pack and cracked the first one. Amazing how well the alcohol is hidden in this beer. Mind blowing fruity hop flavor. Hoping to brew this one soon.



    Wondering if there might also be some Mosaic hops in Hi-Res.



      I was thinking mosaic also.



      Mogges, you’ve never brewed. You prblboay drink bud light, And as a result, are an enemy of beer. If you do drink good beer, you’ve missed the point completely. Good luck with the rest of you mundane life.


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