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Stone Go To IPA Session IPA Clone HomeBrew Recipe

Stone Go To IPA Session IPA Clone
Stone Go To IPA Session IPA Clone
Stone Go To IPA Session IPA Clone


Recipe Type: All Grain
Size: 5 Gallons
Beer Style: Session IPA
Target ABV: 4.5%
Target IBUs: 65 IBUs
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Posted March 11, 2014 by


All Grain Session IPA Recipe

Profile: A ‘hop bomb’ session IPA, similar to Stone Go To IPA. Intense hop aromas and flavors of melon, citrus, spicy hops, and dank earthy hops. Dry finish with high hop bitterness. A hop-bursted IPA with a massive amount of late-hopping additions to maximize flavor, and dry hopping for intense hop aromatics.



9 lbs Pale 2-row

8 oz. CaraPils


1/2 oz. German Magnum 14%a, first wort hopped

1 oz. El Dorado 15%a, 10 minutes

1 oz. Citra 11%a, 5 minutes

1 oz. Mosaic 12%a, 5 minutes

1 oz. Crystal 3%a, 5 minutes

1 oz. Sterling 7%a, 5 minutes

1/2 oz. Cascade 6%a, 5 minutes

1/2 oz. Ahtanum 6%a, 5 minutes

1/2 oz. Mosaic 12%a, at flameout

1/2 oz. El Dorado 15%a, at flameout

YeastWhite Labs WLP001 California Ale or Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Dry-Hops: 1/2 oz. Mosaic, 1/2 oz. Citra, 1/2 oz. Sterling. 1/2 oz. El Dorado


Mash all grains for 1 hour at 152 degrees.

Sparge at 170 degrees.

One hour boil.

Ferment at 65F.

Rack to keg or secondary and age for 3-4 weeks. Add dry hops for the last 7 days.

  1. Avatar of daniel

    What’s the anticipated OG/FG? What should I be shooting for?


  2. Avatar of Jim Guerami

    Brewed the beer with exactly the same grains and hops bill but at lower temp, 148, with WLP001. The color is closer to Stone’s than amber color shown here. Also I didn’t get that “insane” amount of aroma. So yours truly is gonna change the hops bill.
    For the starter, I think Bert is right that Stone uses one strain of yeast for all their beers, it just makes sense that a large company is more efficient with one strain than jumping around from stain to stain like home brewers. Next batch, it will be WY1098–I love that phrase, highly flocculant.
    Grain bill will stay the same.
    Hops will be as follows:
    Magnum, .5, FWD
    Eldorado, 1@ 10
    Citra, 1 @ 5
    Crystal, 1@ 5
    Sterling, 1@ 5
    Cascade, 1@ 5
    Mosaic, 1@ 0
    Eldorado, 1@ 0
    Ahtanum, 1@ 0
    Citra, 1@ 0
    Mosaic, 1, dry hop
    Citra, 1, dry hop
    Sterling, 1, dry hop
    Eldorado, 1, dry hop

    Couldn’t get 06300 like Stone suggested, but will try later.

    Wish me luck, maybe I’ll get that “insane” aroma too.


  3. Avatar of Mike

    Brewed 5 gallons, and it is a very impressive recipe! Everyone who has tasted it has been been very impressed. The color is a bit darker than “go to”, and theirs is a bit more bitter (maybe a full oz of GMAG for first wort?). I also get a bit more grapefruit from theirs, but that may be due to a better whirlpool than mine. Not quite a clone, may be better IMO! I’m brewing 10 gallons of this ASAP. No more $10 six packs!


    • Avatar of Alex

      Hops don’t add any color to the beer. It will settle out. If you want more grapefruit, try adding cascade to the flame out and dry hop.


      • Avatar of Alex

        Also I would probably bring up the mash temp, even though it goes against everything I know about IPA’s. I don’t see this beer having much body and malt character. I would definitely bring in some specialty malts. Munich, Carapils, Rye and some Crystal 40.

        This recipe is pretty much a SMaSH malt character and over the top hop additions. I’ll brew this and most likely just do one addition of bittering hops and everything spread out evenly in whirlpool/dry hop.

        ALSO they never post what yeast to use. I would go with WLP090 for sure.


        • Avatar of Brett

          I would guess that Stone uses Whitbread Dry (WL007/Wyeast 1098). At the lower temps it is super clean, and its very attenutive and extremely flocculant. Also in my Stone Brewing book that has some recipes almost all their recipes suggest using that strain.


          • Avatar of Malcolm

            Stone’s house yeast strain came from a defunct Canadian microbrewery. So the yeast in the recipe is just a similar alternative.



    Insane amount of hops. Dying to brew this.


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