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Hop Infused Vodka


Hops are full of natural oils which enhance aroma and flavors in beer, and are widely available in homebrew stores in dried whole leaf and pellet form.

Infusing vodka with hops is a great way to add natural flavors of tropical fruit, citrusy orange, or piney spruce. The process is simple and can involve a lot of fun experimentation.

Simple Hop Infused Vodka Process

Step 1:   Add 8 ounces of vodka to four mason jars.

Step 2:  Add a 1/4 ounce of whole leaf hops to each jar. Stir the hops in, cover, and let sit for 24-36 hours.

Step 3:  Strain the infused vodka through a coffee filter or metal mesh strainer to filter out the hops.

*Whole leaf hops are sold at homebrew stores in one ounce packages for about two bucks. Store in a freezer to maintain freshness.


Recommended Hop Varieties to Infuse into Vodka

Amarillo – tangerine and citrus flavors, floral aromatics

Cascade – grapefruit. citrus, and pine flavors, floral aromatics

Citra – guava, passion fruit, and citrus flavors, tropical fruit aromatics

Columbus – earthy, herbal flavors and aromatics

Mosaic – pineapple and blueberry flavors, fruity aromatics

Polaris – minty, herbal flavors and aromatics

For more options view our Hop Flavor and Aroma Guide


Check out these Hop Infused Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Heisenberg Ice Blue Martini – made with Polaris hop infused vodka

Citropical Martini – made with Citra hop infused vodka

Belgian Rain – beer cocktail made with Columbus infused vodka

Tangerine Nightmare – wheat beer cocktail made with Amarillo infused vodka

Berried Alive – Belgian Wit beer cocktail made with Mosaic infused vodka

Hop Tonic – classic cocktail using Cascade hop infused vodka