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India Pale Lager

Craft Brewed India Pale Lagers


widmer hopside down india pale

India Pale Lagers are pale, crisp, hoppy, and bitter beers. Similar to IPAs, IPLs are very hop forward beers. The main difference is that India Pale Lagers are fermented at cool temperatures with Lager Yeast and cold-aged for long periods of time, while IPAs are fermented at warm temperatures with Ale Yeast. Characteristically, and IPL is going to have crisper and cleaner flavors, without the fruity esters produced by ale yeasts. India Pale Lagers can be very refreshing, smooth, easy to drink beers which taste great in the summertime.

IPLs are also similar to the Imperial Pilsner style, but with hop bitterness levels that can go much higher. You’ll also see a lot of American hops (piney, citrusy), in India Pale Lagers, vs. Noble hops (spicy, herbal) in Imperial Pilsners.

The India Pale Lager style is relatively new to the craft beer market, and there are not that many to choose from right now. We expect this to change as consumers pick up on the style as a nice change of pace from all the IPAs which are available.


Rated A, Fantastic, The Best India Pale Lagers

Base Camp Brewing In-Tents (6.8%, 55 IBUs) | Aged on toasted oak | Portland, OR 


Jack’s Abby Kiwi Rising (8.5%, 105 IBUs) | Double IPL brewed with hops from New Zealand | Framingham, MA


Jack’s Abby The ABCS ( 7.5%, 100 IBUs) | Brewed with Appollo, Bravo, Calypso, and Simcoe hops | Framingham, MA

Rated A-, Great

The Bruery Humulus Lager (7.4%, 70 IBUs) | Limited release | Placentia, CA


Jack’s Abby Hoponius Union (6.7%, 65 IBUs) | Partially brewed with local spelt | Framingham, MA


Portland Brewing India Pale Lager (6.6%, 70 IBUs) | Dry-hopped with Amarillo and Sterling hops | Portland, OR 


Southern Tier Krampus (9%) | Seasonal November release | Lakewood, NY

Rated B+, Very Good

High & Mighty Purity of Essence (5.4%) | Brewed with 100% German malts and hops | Holyoke, MA


Rogness Boomslang (6%, 60 IBUs) | Citrusy and floral | Pflugerville, TX


Widmer Hopside Down (6.7%, 50 IBUs) | Brewed with Cascade hops | Portland, OR

Rated B, Good

The Tap Ignoble | Citrusy with moderate bitterness | Haverhill, MA