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Irish Red Ale and Dry Stout Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day


HomeBrew Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

St Patrick’s Day is about a month away, which makes it the perfect time to brew a special beer to celebrate with when the day arrives. Irish Dry Stouts and Irish Red Ales are two of the most popular beer styles from Ireland. Both styles are smooth and easy-drinking, perfect for tapping at a gathering with friends.

Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Red Clone (6.5%, 25 IBUs) | Malty Irish Red Ale with flavors of sweet caramel, citrusy hops, and toasted malts. Ready to drink in about 4 weeks. 


Oak-Aged Irish Style Red Ale (5.5%, 32 IBUs) | A favorite recipe of ours. Produces a well balanced Irish Red with added notes of oak and vanilla. Ready to drink in four weeks. 


Cigar City Patio Tools Dry Irish Stout Clone (5.5%, 35 IBUs) | Smooth and roasty stout with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Ready to drink in less than 4 weeks.


Dry Irish Stout Recipe (5.2%, 39 IBUs) | Flavorful dry stout brewed with seven types of malt. Bold roasted grain and coffee flavors. Dry finish. Ready in 4 weeks.


Black Raven Morrighan Stout Clone (4.4%, 38 IBUs) | Session-style Irish Dry Stout with smooth flavors roasted malts and dark chocolate. Ready in less than 4 weeks. 


Dry Stout Aged with Irish Whiskey Soaked Oak Chips (5.8%, 37 IBUs) | Produces a complex dry stout with notes of coffee, whiskey, vanilla, and oak.