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Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery Announces Special Bottle Release Event For Saturday August 17th

jackie o chomo lung ma clone
jackie o chomo lung ma clone

August 6, 2013

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery (Athens, OH) will release several special beers at a bottle event on August 17th at 11am. Advance tickets to reserve a space in line for the event will be available the day before (8/16) at 5pm, inside their brewpub. Prices will range from $18-$20 for 22oz bottles. The event takes place at their brewpub, on 24 West Union Street.

The special bottle releases will include:

Dynamo Hum – Cabernet Barrel-Aged Framboise | Aged for 22 months

Evelyn – Barrel-Aged Sour Raspberry Brown Ale | Blend of beers aged from 18 to 28 months

Chunga’s Old Bruin – Barrel-Aged Sour Cherry Brown Ale | Blend of beers aged from 20 to 33 months | 8% ABV

Cabernet Barrel-Aged Aberrance – Black Saison | Aged for 6 months with wild yeast and souring bacteria | 8% ABV

There will also be over 30 different beers on tap for the event.

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