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Balcones Distilling – Central Texas Distillery



Place Type: Whiskey Distillery
Drinks: Single Malt Whisky, Corn Whisky, Rumble
Food: n/a
Location: Waco, Texas
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Balcones Distilling – ┬áCentral Texas Distillery

A craft whiskey distillery located in Waco, Texas. The first whiskey distillery to open in Texas since prohibition.

Balcones Distilling produces single malt whisky, corn whisky, oak-smoked corn whisky, and Rumble.

Rumble is made from Texas wildflower honey, mission figs, turbinado sugar, and Texas Hill Country spring water – then aged in oak barrels. The final product shows elemets of tequila, scotch, cognac, and rum.

Spirits are bottled at 95 to 120 proof.

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