Posted August 8, 2013 by Crafted Pours in Craft Beer Reviews

Quack! Quack! Boom! – Lost Abbey Website Crashes in Frenzy to Purchase Special Beer Release


In a frenzy to purchase bottles for the latest release of Duck Duck Gooze online, fans crashed The Lost Abbey website. An online event for the bottle sale was scheduled at 10am PST this morning, but eager fans were still waiting 2 hours later for their opportunity to purchase the beer. The craft brewery had built up anticipation all morning on their Twitter account with the countdown to the sale. Head brewer Tomme Arthur was seen in Twitter pics fielding calls from anxious fans.

Some Twitter fans responded at #quack:

“the next lost abbey release was going to be named after the patron saint of lost causes, St Jude”

“my whole day’s productivity is going to be shot now, My employer is going to want my paycheck back”

“May have carpal tunnel issues from refreshing too many times”

“when this system comes up I better be able to order Dark Lord too”

Two hours and forty minutes later happy fans started tweeting:

“@lostabbey Purchased!”

And life goes on….