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Raspberry Flavored Ales

founders rubaeus raspberry
founders rubaeus raspberry

Craft Brewed Raspberry Flavored Beers

Raspberries are one of the most popular fruits used in craft brewed fruit beers, with wheat beers being the most popular style of beer brewed with raspberries. Other styles also brewed with raspberries include; stouts, brown ales, and barrel-aged sour ales.

Founders Brewing Rubaeus (5.7%, 15 IBUs) | Raspberry Wheat Ale brewed with fresh raspberries. Sweet and tart raspberry flavors with a refreshing finish. Seasonal summer release. | Brewed in Grand Rapids, MI 


Against The Grain Chris Framboise (7.1%, 16 IBUs) | Sour Raspberry Flavored Saison aged with three types of wild Brett yeasts. | Brewed in Louisville, KY 


Boneyard Femme Fatale (6.5%, 15 IBUs) | Refreshing Sour Raspberry Ale. | Brewed in Bend, OR



Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Solstice d’ete Sour Raspberry Ale (5.9%) | Brewed with fresh raspberries. Inspired by the Berliner Weisse style of beers. Annually released in June. | Brewed in Quebec, Canada 


The Bruery Windowsill (10.5%) | Raspberry Rhubarb Strong Ale aged in oak barrels. Special release. | Brewed in Orange County, CA 


Columbia River Brewing Rose City Wheat Raspberry Ale (5.5%, 18 IBUs) | Crisp wheat beer with flavors of sweet and slightly tart raspberry. Brewed with Oregon raspberries. | Brewed in Portland, Oregon 


Hardywood Raspberry Stout (9.3%, 55 IBUs) | Imperial Stout flavored with locally harvested red raspberries. Limited release on draft. | Brewed in Richmond, VA


Jackie O’s Evelyn | Barrel-Aged Sour Raspberry Brown Ale. Aged with fresh raspberries in oak for 18-24 months. Special release. | Brewed in Athens, OH


Jackie O’s Razz Wheat (5%) | American Wheat Ale flavored with fresh raspberries. | Brewed in Athens, OH


Jester King Atrial Rubicite (5.8%, 10 IBUs) | Barrel-Aged Sour Raspberry Ale. Aged in oak with fresh raspberries, wild yeast, and souring lacto cultures. Special release. | Brewed in Austin, TX 


Jester King La Vie en Rose (6.2%) | Sour Raspberry Farmhouse Ale aged with fresh raspberries, wild yeast and souring lacto cultures. Limited release. | Brewed in Austin, TX 


New Glarus Raspberry Tart (4%) | Oak-Aged Sour Raspberry Wheat Beer. Crisp, refreshing, and tart. | Brewed in New Glarus, WI 


Pipeworks Well Read Temptress (4%) | Low ABV German Berliner Weisse Style Sour Raspberry Wheat Beer. Aged with fresh raspberries and lacto souring cultures. | Brewed in Chicago, IL 


Portico Brewing Rendition (5.4%, 18 IBUs) | Belgian Style Raspberry Wit flavored with natural raspberry. | Brewed in Waltham, MA 


Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen (4.1%, 16 IBUs) | Light-bodied raspberry flavored wheat ale. Seasonally available April through August. | St. Louis, MO 


Upland Brewing Raspberry Lambic | Barrel-aged Sour Raspberry Ale pontaneously fermented with wild yeast and aged with fresh raspberries in oak barrels. | Brewed in Bloomington, IN 


Vertigo Brewing Razz Wheat (5.3%, 16 IBUs) | Refreshing Raspberry Wheat Ale aged with 12 pounds of fresh raspberries per barrel. Brewed in Hillsboro, Oregon 


Wedge Brewing Vadim Bora (9.2%) | Raspberry flavored Russian Imperial Stout. | Brewed in Asheville, NC