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Red Rye IPAs

Red's Rye PA
Red's Rye PA

Craft Brewed Red Rye IPAs

Red Rye IPAs (aka India Red Rye Ales) are hop-forward ales brewed with spicy rye malt, medium crystal malts, and a high portion of hops for aroma, flavor, and bitterness. Typically deep ruby red in color, these ales are an extremely flavorful sub-style of IPAs.

Founders Red’s Rye PA (6.6%, 70 IBUs) is probably the most well-known beer which falls into this style. The beer is brewed with rye malt, and four types of Belgian caramel malts. Amarillo hops are heavily used for flavoring and dry-hopping, adding big notes of tangerine citrus to the beer. Rye malt adds some mild spicy notes. Overall, this is a very nice beer to try if you want to get a feel for the style.

BrewDog’s Interstellar (6.5%, 65 IBUs) is a crisp and hoppy Red Rye IPA, released as part of their Prototype Series. The stats for the beer are very close to Founders Red’s, and Amarillo hops are featured, along with Willamette. Medium and Dark Crystal malts give the beer a deep red color.

Green Flash Brewing (San Diego, CA) offers a Spring Seasonal Imperial Red Rye IPA (8.5%, 80 IBUs). The beer is hopped with earthy Columbus hops and fruity Mosaic hops. Crystal malts provide caramel sweetness and red coloring to the beer. A heavy dose of rye malt adds nice spicy notes to compliment the hop flavors.

La Cumbre Brewing (New Mexico) occasionally offers Red Ryeot (7.3%, 80 IBUs). The beer features flavors of citrus, piney hops, caramel, and toasted malts. The use of Flaked Rye adds a creamy texture to the body of the beer.

TV Party (7.3%, 80 IBUs), from Revolution out of Chicago, is a bold and flavorful Red Rye IPA brewed with flaked rye, and hopped with Fuggles and Amarillo hops. This special release beer has notes of earthy hops, orange citrus, spicy rye, and toasted caramel. Coloring is a pale red.

Terrapin Beer (Athens, GA) is offering a new Mosaic Red Rye IPA (6.3%, 75 IBUs) Spring seasonal for 2014. The beer is 100% hopped with Mosaic hops which add nice notes of blueberry, pineapple, and tropical fruit. Medium Crystal malts provide red coloring and caramel flavors, while the addition of Munich malt adds some toasted malt notes.

Sixpoint Righteous Ale (6.3%, 57 IBUs) is beer that can be classified as a Red Rye IPA. It pours deep red with aromatic hop notes and spicy rye flavors.


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