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Session IPAs: Where to Find them, How to Brew One


Session IPAs are low ABV India Pale Ales which still highlight hop aromas, flavors and bitterness. They are flavorful, easy drinking ales (for hopheads), while still being bold and hoppy to mainstream beer drinkers. This style has grown on craft brewers across the country, and for many, it is has become a regular seasonal Spring and Summer release.

Craft Brewed Session IPAs

10 Barrel Brewing ISA (5.5%, 51 IBUs) | Brewed with Summit, Cascade, and Centennial hops | Bend, OR | Crafted Pours Rating: A- 


Burnside Brewing lowercase ipa (4.8%, 50 IBUs) | Seasonal release | Portland, OR | Crafted Pours Rating: B+


Clown Shoes Miracle (5.5%) | Floral and citrusy | Ipswich, MA | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 


Fat Head’s Sunshine Daydream (5%, 60 IBUs) | Brewed with Centennial hops | Cleveland, OH | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 


Fremont Brewing 77 Fremont Select (4%) | Brewed with Warrior, Chinook, Cascade, and Calypso hops | Seattle, WA | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 


Georgetown Brewing Johnny Utah(4%, 50 IBUs) | Brewed with Crystal and Chinook hops | Seattle, WA | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 

Lagunitas Daytime (4.7%) | Seasonal July release which is widely available | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 
Old Market Pub & Brewery Hop On! (5%, 87 IBUs) | Super-hopped Session IPA | Portland, OR | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 

Two Beer Brewing Trailhead ISA (4.8%, 48 IBUs) | Seasonal release June-August. Brewed with Columbus and Cascade hops | Seattle, WA | Crafted Pours Rating: B+ 


For home brewers, Session IPAs are a flavorful and economical style to brew. The malt bill is quite a bit lower than a regular IPA, and the hopping is just slightly lower. Check out our recipes for a Super-hopped Session IPA (5.4%, 88 IBUs) and a regular Session IPA (5.5%, 60 IBUs):

Super Hoppy Session IPA Recipe

Session IPA Recipe