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Smoked and Hopped Craft Cocktails in DC

Thomas Tew Rum Crafted Cocktails
Thomas Tew Rum Crafted Cocktails

In a throwback to a prohibition time speakeasy, Dram & Grain in Washington DC offers up some of the coolest craft cocktails in town. Patrons enter the bar through a locked basement entrance, into an intimate layout of leather chairs and couches. A small bar seats six, while total occupancy is limited to 20. The bar is only open on Saturday nights by reservation, and hosts three 90-minute sessions of 20 customers, starting at 7pm.

The Hoppin Chihuahua is a frothy tequila based cocktail crafted with house-made hop syrup and hop bitters, egg white, grapefruit, lemon, and tequila. Served in a stemmed coupe glass with a frothy head over hazy golden liquid, the cocktail is reminiscent of freshly poured dry-hopped IPA. Floral IPA-like aromas of grapefruit citrus, tangerine, tropical fruit, and light pine greet you on the first sip, followed by a mouthful of creamy tequila and citrus. The house hop syrup is made with a combination of Simcoe, Chinook, Citra, and Amarillo hops. For an extra touch of creativity, a floating candied hop is served as a garnish.

Ode to Omaha is a smoke-infused rum cocktail, crafted with Thomas Tew Rum, Blackberry Cinnamon Syrup, and Jerry Thomas Bitters. The cocktail is served in a corked orb glass container with smoke lingering over amber liquid. The smoke is infused from heating hickory wood chips through a glass tube into the glass orb serving container. Patrons then pour the cocktail into a separate glass filled with ice. Flavors of deep smoke, dark fruit, vanilla, spice, and oak all intermingle for a perfectly crafted cocktail.

You’ll find a nice selection of other hand-crafted cocktails on the menu, along with some very rare whiskeys.

There is a two-drink minimum at Dram & Grain , with cocktails priced in the $13-$17 range.

Dram & Grain is located in the basement of Jack Rose, at 2007 18th Street NW in Washington DC.