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Sour Beers of Portland Oregon

sour beer portland oregon
sour beer portland oregon

If you’re traveling to Portland, Oregon, or you’re a craft beer fan living in the area, you will find a fantastic selection of sour beers around the city. Barrel-aged sour beers, fruit flavored sour beers, Berliner Weisse beers, and other unique tart flavored beers are widely available in the Portland area.

Summer is the best time to quench your thirst for sour beers in Portland, as several local breweries release seasonal Berliner Weisse sour German wheat beers.

We’ve also included a few sour beers from craft brewers outside Portland, which are well worth the extra drive to taste them.

Cascade Brewing Sour Beers

Cascade is the king of sours in the Portland area. Expert artisans at producing flavorful barrel-aged sour ales.

Tangerine Dream (11%)

Rum barrel-aged sour old ale flavored with tangerine zest and apricot. Barrel-aged for 20 months. Complex, earthy, and tart.


Cascade Kriek (7.6%)

Barrel-aged sour cherry ale. Aged with Bing cherries and sour cherries. 


Cascade Blueberry Ale (7.3%)

Sour ale aged in oak barrels for 12 months with fresh blueberries. Brewed with wheat and malted barley. 


Vlad The Imp Aler (10.9%)

Sour ale barrel-aged in oak with spices for up to 2 years. Very refined sour flavors. 


Figaro (9.5%)

Chardonnay barrel-aged sour blonde ale flavored with lemon peel and figs. 


Sang Rouge (8%)

Very complex barrel-aged sour red. Aged up to 30 months in oak barrels. Tart and earthy. 

Berliner Weisse Beers in Portland

The Commons Berliner Weisse (3.4%)

Summer seasonal sour German wheat beer. Light-bodied, crisp, tart, and refreshing. 


Laurelwood Berliner Weisse (3.4%)

Summer seasonal fermented with lactobacillus souring cultures. Light and sour with fresh wheat flavors. 


Breakside Brewery Passionfruit Sour

Berliner Weisse style sour ale flavored with fresh passion fruit. Limited release. 

Other Sour Styles in Portland

Breakside New World Bruin (7.6%)

Flanders Style Sour Brown Ale aged for 12 months in oak, with wild yeast and souring cultures. 


Breakside Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Sour Stout (9%)

Strong stout barrel-aged in oak casks with lactobacillus souring cultures. Dark and tart with complex flavors.


Upright Brewing Fantasia Barrel-Aged Peach Beer (5.8%)

Flavors of tart peaches and earthy oak. Limited release. 


Upright Brewing Gose (5.2%)

Tart and champagne-like German wheat beer flavored with coriander and salt. 

Oregon Sour Beers Nearby to Portland

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Peche n Brett (10%)

Tart peach flavored Saison aged in oak barrels. Flavorful and highly recommended. | Hood River 


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Cerasus (8.5%)

Oak barrel-aged sour ale flavored with sweet and tart cherries. Aged with souring lactobacillus cultures. | Hood River 


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Far West Vlaming (6.5%)

Flanders Style sour red ale aged in oak with lactobacillus souring cultures. | Hood River 


Block 15 Enchantment (6.7%)

Oud Bruin style blended sour brown ale aged in oak bourbon barrels up to 33 months. | Corvallis 


Block 15 Flanders Style Sour Red Ale

Sour red ale aged in brandy barrels for up to 26 months. Earthy, sour, and complex. | Corvallis 


Block 15 Kriek, A Three Summers Cuvee

Barrel-aged sour cherry ale. Blended with new and older aged versions. | Corvallis 


Block 15 Peach Lambic-Style Ale

Sour Peach Ale fermented spontaneously in an open cool ship fermentor. Very limited release. 


de Garde Bu Weisse (2.1%)

Pale and very light-bodied with a refreshing sour flavor. On draft in Portland. | Tillamook