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Ten Craft Beer Predictions for 2014

india red lager
india red lager

Ten Predictions for Craft Beer in 2014

India Red Lagers will with their crisp hoppy flavors, light caramel sweetness, and high bitterness, will grow quickly in popularity. Very few commercial examples are brewed today but we think that will change this year.


Bourbon barrel-aged beers will still remain popular, but decline in production, while aging in wine barrels, rum barrels, gin casks, aquavit barrels, Irish Whiskey casks, and other specialty spirit barrels will increase. Breakside Brewery out of Portland, OR, released an aquavit barrel-aged honey ale in 2013. 


Sour Saisons will gain in popularity, saisons aged with traditional farmhouse yeast then further aged with souring lactobacillus cultures. Funkwerks Leuven was a great example of the style, released in 2013.


Summer seasonal releases of Berliner Weisse, a German-Style sour wheat beer, will grow tremendously from 2013. 


Session style beers will expand from recent IPA releases to red ales. Look for some Session Reds to hit the market it 2014.


BrewDog will open a pub in NYC.


Someone will release a Quad-IPA (upping the anti on Triple IPAs), at >15% ABV and with 200+ IBUs. 


Mosaic, Galaxy, and Nelson Sauvin hopped beers will grow sharply in popularity. Simcoe and Citra hopped beers will decline slightly. 


English Style Bitters will become more popular in the U.S.


Sub-styles of Rye beers will grow (Rye Porters, Sour Rye Ales, Rye Saisons, Rye Pilsners). 


Add your own predictions in the comments and we’ll check back next year.