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Three Craft Beer Alternatives to Mass Market Lemonade Shandy Beers

peach berliner weisse
peach berliner weisse

Big beer is pushing their beer with lemonade concoctions again this year with several ‘shandy’s’ hitting shelves this spring and summer. These are not craft beers by any means. Why someone would find a mass produced light beer mixed with sugary lemonade appealing, is beyond belief. American’s will be blasted with marketing for these and premium shelf-space will be allocated to these beers. Lemon soda, anyone?

Citrusy aromas and flavors in craft brewed beer come naturally from many types hops, and brewing malts add natural sugar for sweetness.

Alternatives to Mass Market Lemonade Shandy Beers
Belgian Style Wit

Crisp and refreshing. Typically flavored with orange or grapefruit peel for natural citrus. Check out this list of great craft brewed Wits.

Session IPA

Low abv IPA which still packs citrusy kicks from hops. Examples include Founders All Day IPA, Fremont Brewing 77 Fremont Select, and Lagunitas Daytime.

Sour Style Fruit Beer

Crisp and refreshing, with fruit sweetness, sourness, and acidity. Examples include Cascade Kriek, New Glarus Serendipity, and Perennial Artisan Ales Peach Berliner Weisse.