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Top Rated American Stouts

American Stout Crafted Pours
American Stout Crafted Pours

The Best American Stouts

Medium to full-bodied with a strong roasted malt character and hop bitterness than can range from moderate to high. These are bold and flavorful beers which can range from 5.5% to 8.0% abv.  Chocolate and coffee are common additions to American Stouts, which complement the roasty profile nicely. A very popular style with American craft brewers and craft beer fans. This list excludes Top Rated Imperial Stouts and Oatmeal Stouts.

Wicked Weed Vixen (7.5%, 30 IBUs) | A full-bodied, roasty and malty stout, brewed with cocoa and orange zest. Aged in bourbon barrels. 
Three Floyds Black Sun (6.5%, 50 IBUs) | Rich and roasty with notes of espresso and piney hops. Seasonal winter release. 
Lucky Labrador Black Lab Stout (6.8%, 55 IBUs) | Rich and creamy with a strong roasted malt profile and moderately high hop bitterness. 
Base Camp S’more Stout (7.7%, 70 IBUs) | A bold American Stout that tests the boundaries of an Imperial version. 
Aphrodisiaque (6.5%) | An American style stout Brewed in Quebec by Dieu Du Ciel. Flavored with cocoa and vanilla beans. 
Coalition Brewing Hanso Stout (6.8%, 71 IBUs) | A Northwest style stout with a base of roasted malt and bold hop flavor and bitterness. 
Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout (6.4%, 55 IBUs) | A balanced and flavorful stout, brewed with 7 malt types and four hop varieties. 
Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout (6.0%) | Flavors of roasted malt, dark chocolate and dark fruit. Brewed with a touch of Brewer’s licorice.
Good Life Brewing Pass Stout (7.0%, 70 IBUs) | Rich and roast stout brewed with seven types of malt. High in hop bitterness. 
Foothills Brewing Stout (7.0%, 48 IBUs) | Full-bodied stout with a smooth roasty profile. 
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro (6.0%) | Creamy and roasty American Stout. Brewed with lactose sugar.