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Wet-Hopped and Fresh-Hopped Craft Beers

Simcoe Hops
Simcoe Hops

The start of hop harvesting season in the U.S. is right around the corner, and American craft brewers are gearing up to brew some special beers with freshly harvest hops. There are two classifications of beers brewed with fresh off the vine hops:

Wet-Hopped Beers – Beers brewed with ‘wet’ undried hops. Hops that are harvested off the vines and expedited to breweries, to be used for beer production within 24 hours from picking. Fresh, green, earthy, and grassy characteristics come through from these hops. Higher quantities of hops are required to extract flavor and bitterness, as the drying process increases natural hop oils.

Fresh-Hopped Beers – Beers brewed with newly harvested and dried hops, generally used right after the hops are dried, within 1-2 weeks from the harvesting date. These hops produce very fresh flavors, amplifying their typical character, and have less grassy notes than wet hops.

Hop harvesting in the U.S. typically starts in mid-August and ends by mid-September. Look for these special release beers to start becoming available in September.

Wet-Hopped Craft Beers

Anderson Valley Mendo Mello (5.5%, 50 IBUs) | American Pale Ale brewed with Wet Cascade and Wet Chinook hops. Available from September through December. | Boonville, CA


Boulevard Nutcracker Ale (7.8%, 38 IBUs) | Amber Holiday Ale brewed with Wet Chinook hops. Available in November. | Kansas, City, MO 


Breakside Brewery Fresh Hop Citra IPA | Wet-Hopped IPA brewed with Wet Citra hops. | Portland, OR


Cascade Harvest Ale (5.8%) | Wet-Hopped American Pale Ale brewed with Wet Santiam hops. | Redmond, OR 


Deschutes Chasin’ Freshies (7.4%, 60 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped IPA brewed with freshly harvested Cascade hops within hours of being picked from the vines. Seasonally available October through December. | Bend, OR 


Founders Harvest Ale (7.6%, 70 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped IPA brewed with freshly picked hops. Available in October. | Grand Rapids, MI 


Hangar 24 Fresh Hop IPA (8%, 98 IBUs) | Double IPA aged for a short period with Wet Centennial hops. | Redlands, CA 


Hardywood RVA IPA (7%, 62 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped IPA brewed with Wet Columbus hops. | Richmond, VA 


Hoppin Frog Fresh Frog Raw Hop Imperial Pale Ale (7.8%, 45 IBUs) | Brewed with fresh undried wet hops. | Akron, OH 


Indeed Fresh Hop Pale Ale (5%, 25 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped Pale Ale brewed with Wet Centennial hops. | Minneapolis, MN


Jack’s Abby Mom & Pop’s Wet Hop Lager (5.2%) | Pale Lager brewed with fresh locally harvested Wet Hops. Available in September. | Framingham, MA 


Lakefront Local Acre Wet Hop Lager (5%, 28 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped Pale Lager brewed with fresh Wisconsin Wet Cascade hops. | Milwaukee, WI 


New Holland Hopivore Harvest Ale (5.5%, 55 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped American Pale Ale brewed. October seasonal release. | Holland, MI 


Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere (6.7%, 67 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped IPA brewed with Wet Cascade and Wet Centennial hops right off the vine. Seasonal Fall release. | Chico, CA 


Ska Brewing Hoperation Ivy | Wet-Hopped IPA brewed with Colorado grown hops. September release in CO only. | Durango, CO 


Surly Wet (7.5%, 90 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped IPA, brewed with Wet Citra and Wet Simcoe hops. Seasonal October release. | Brooklyn Center, MN 


Terrapin So Fresh & Green, Green | Wet-Hopped American Pale Ale brewed with hops shipped overnight from the Yakima Valley. | Athens, GA 


Three Floyds Broo Doo (7%, 80 IBUs) | Wet-Hopped IPA seasonally available in October. | Munster, IN 



Fresh-Hopped Craft Beers

Almanac 2013 Fresh-Hop IPAs (7.5%) | Three IPAs, each single-hopped. Fresh Cascade, Chinook, and Cluster hops. Available in September. | San Francisco, CA


Fremont Brewing Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop (6%) | Fresh-Hopped American Pale Ale brewed with newly harvested Citra and Simcoe hops. Available in September. | Seattle, WA


Laughing Dog Fresh Hop Pale Ale (5.6%, 34 IBUs) | Fresh-Hopped American Pale Ale available in late September. | Ponderay, ID 


Laurelwood Fresh Hop Workhorse IPA (7.2%, 89 IBUs) | Brewed with freshly harvested Centennial hops. September release. | Portland, OR 


Left Hand Brewing Warrior (7.6%) | Fresh-Hopped IPA brewed with freshly harvested Colorado grown Cascade and Warrior hops. | Longmont, CO


Lucky Labrador The Mutt (4.5%) | Session-Style Fresh-Hopped IPA brewed with different varieties each year. | Portland, OR 


Ninkasi Brewing Total Crystalization (6.7%, 65 IBUs) | Fresh-Hopped IPA brewed with freshly harvested Summit, Amarillo, and Crystal hops. | Eugene, OR 


Pelican Pub & Brewery Elemental Ale (6%, 60 IBUs) | Fresh-Hopped American Pale Ale. Seasonal Fall release. | Pacific City, OR 


Port Brewing High Tide (6.5%) | Fresh-Hopped IPA brewed with recently harvested Centennial and Chinook hops. | San Marcos, CA 


Troegs Scratch Series Fresh-Hop Ale | Brewed with freshly harvested hops. Annual release in early October. | Hershey, PA 


Two Beers Brewing Fresh Hop (6.2%) | Seasonal Fall release brewed with freshly harvested hops. | Seattle, WA


Upland Brewing Harvest Ale (5.5%, 35 IBUs) | Fresh-Hopped American Pale Ale brewed with Citra hops. | Bloomington, IN